It’s August now

Have I told you how much I dislike shoes such as these:

You know, the boot heels.

I also dislike booties with a peep toe. Why? I don’t know, but I see them and have a visceral reaction.

I’m not even sure what’s going on with Lily Allen’s tights here.

But let’s end with a couple things I like, eh?

This is probably my favorite thing Princess Kate has worn thus far. It just so perfectly flowy. My ┬áleast favorite part of it is the shoulders. If you haven’t caught any of the Fug Girls coverage of her and Wills, you should. They’re hilarious and awesome. Wills and Kate do seem very happy together, which is great after his mom had such a shitty marriage. Also: I do not envy the Kate, to live under such speculation and rules…ugh. I’m barely professional enough to be a server at my fancy-ish work.

I shouldn’t like Jayma Mays’ dress. But I do.

Do you look at this Kristen Steward picture from W magazine and immediately think: Is her right hand doing what I think it’s doing?

Yeah, me neither…

Tony Awards…

So they happened. I honestly don’t care for musicals and Broadway shows. Maybe if I saw one in person it would be entertaining, but show tunes ain’t my bag. But since the Tony’s cause celebrities to wear fancy dresses, I’m all for it! So, yay, Tony’s!

I don’t know who Jennifer Damiano is, but I do really like her yellow Reem Acra dress she wore.

My only wish would be for it to be longer. Or shorter. Just not this weird mid-length. It makes it look like she got a dress that she was a bit too tall for. Very pretty though.

Kinda the opposite of what Whoopi wore.

There doesn’t appear to be much to talk about with the dresses from the Tony’s. They were all mediocre. Nothing nuts or totally beautiful…

On another note, that has nothing to do with the Tony’s:

Holy crap, Vera Wang! Eat a sandwich and what the fuck is up with those transparent pant things you’re wearing under shorts??? I mean, Kim’s jumpsuit looks tame (heh. animal reference) in comparison!

The Wedge

As a girl who has never owned a pair of heels for lack of occasions for them (I wore cute white platform wedges that I got from Contempo Casuals -aw, don’t you miss Contempo?? Every time I watch that Clueless scene I practically get teary-eyed- for graduation), I enjoy that wedges are in fashion right now. They are way easier to walk in when you are as unexperienced as I. As I’ve posted previously, I own 2 pairs of the same BC Footwear wedge. (Oh, wait, you probably don’t remember that because I posted about them on my *other* blog! I usually talk about vegan food on that one, but at times I veer into non-eating things.) But, yeah, I don’t ever wear them because when I think of wearing heels, be they wedges or not, I imagine them with dresses and skirts and neither really seem to go with the dresses/skirts I own.

So, anyways, all these cute wedges that are being made right now are making me wish that I had an occasion for them. Or that I would become the kind of girl that just wears heels and wedges. Or maybe if I could get some casual shorts to wear with them? Yeah…

These are from Lulu’s and they just look comfy and cute.

These are nonvegan, but too cute to not post. I mean, really, look how cute this girl looks:

I want a vegan version, stat!


Michael Cera has been spotted a lot around Portland in the last couple months and so I daydream about running into him. And, saying nothing…just standing there all starstruck and swoony…Yeah, I’m almost 10 years older than him, but, you know, I always went for the younger boys…

A new favorite Tumblr.

It’s Been Awhile

I hope that song gets stuck in your head.

I look at a lot of fashion blogs, as you might know. The more I look at them, the more I realize that I find real fashionable stuff really ugly. Like, heinous. A good example of this can be seen on 14 or 15 year old Tavi’s blog, Style Rookie. The young thing has been posting about fashion for several years and is well known in the fashion industry. Designers send her things all the time. I think her outfits are pretty wack. I just don’t understand her taste. I’m all for someone wearing whatever they want, I just am surprised when said outfit is considered considered awesome by many others.

And there’s even a blog called The Man Repeller that is done by a woman named Leandra Medine. She buys really expensive clothes from top designers (or is given them?) and admits that they’re fashionable, not attractive. I know fashion is supposed to be like art, but I always assumed it was meant to make you look good. I’m not alone, right?

Granted this is coming from a girl that owns acid washed jeans.

Some other trends I dislike:

High waisted short shorts, harem pants, peep toe heel boots…

How about you? What are you hatin’ on lately?

I started looking at the runway shows via New York Times (is NY Magazine part of the NY Times?) because the ads are always on the side so it doesn’t interrupt my viewing pleasure with something I have to click for it to go away.

Charlotte Ronson is sister to DJ and on-and-off girlfriend of Lindsey Lohan, Samantha Ronson and to musician Mark Ronson, whose music I heard is good but I’ve never heard it. I didn’t really care for Charlotte’s collection but I would like this yellow sweater in my closet. Well, actually, on my back.

This Lela Rose dress is close to amazing, but the off shoulder thing kinda ruins it for me.

One thing I don’t understand is how a designer chooses a model that has an obvious eating disorder. People think Calista Flockhart was anorexic, but she is probably twice the size of this Ohne Titel model.

I mean, really. I don’t see how someone would choose a model that is skin and bones. And the camera, I hear, adds pounds, which means she looks even bonier in real life. She even looks hungry…sigh…

Did y’all see anything you loved from this season’s runways?

um, Ralph, you ok?

The dude is wearing sneakers! I just would’ve thought I’d never see the day, he’s always so dressed up, especially at fashion shows. Hunh,