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So one of the fashion trends (an old one, actually, but it’s still floating about) I have a real dislike for is “power shoulders”, aka shoulder pads. I liked them in the 80s when I was an impressionable 6th grader and I loved all things Limited Too. But when I look back at pictures of myself, I’m like what the eff??

I just don’t understand the attraction of looking like a football player. It’s funny that in fashion, you’re always trying to create something that’s not there: if you have broad shoulders, you try to narrow. no neck? wear a v-neck to lengthen. too long of neck? wear boatneck. short legs? wear a short skirt or a shoe with point and that doesn’t cover the top part of your foot. Anything you have is considered bad and you are told to do the opposite to hide your flaws.

Which brings me to this: When has anyone thought “hm, I wish I could have super high/broad shoulders?” When?

I especially dislike this kind of alien-like shoulder pad.

Beyonce shoulder pad
Gwyneth Paltrow recently wore a similar jacket
G. Paltrow shoulder pad

What’s worse than shoulder pads? Shoulder pad. One. Ein. Solo pad.

The one shouldered dress
Granted, there’s not much pad there, just the illusion from the ruffle.

Kim Kardashian loves sportin’ the one shoulder pad dress.
Kim Kardashian one shoulder

I will end with something one shouldered that I do like. Did you know that Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) has her own collection and that’s it’s not all bad?? Some of it is quite likeable. I’ve heard differing opinions on this dress, but I think it’s pretty cute and it looked quite good on Cameron Diaz. I think I would prefer it a bit shorter, but other than that, cute!
Cameron Diaz Victoria Beckham one shoulder


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Sometimes when I’m gazing online at clothes and shoes, I get really befuddled. I mean, who allows certain items to be made? Why aren’t there more cute, inoffensive stuff out there?

Who said they wanted to wear a gyno gown out in public? I believe if you wore this to your annual, they probably would tell you there’s no reason to change. In that respect it reminds me of Zulema’s sweater dress from the second season of Project Runway, which I couldn’t find a picture of for the life of me.

And really when I give this a good look it’s not allllll that skimpy. If it was tight fitting it wouldn’t be so scandalous-looking. In general, it’s just an ill-fitting dress.Can I also tell you how much I dislike these shoes? The dress is quite adorable and I would totally love to have it in my possession. The shoes distract though. I have definitely noticed the crazy shoe trend lately. Extra material is very in. Oh, you want some examples? Sure, why not?

Do you get what I’m saying now? Are you as fascinated by these as I am? I ask because really that’s why I wanted this blog in the first place. I see stuff like this and I feel the need to reach out and tell someone else “hey, these exist!! holy shit, right??” Crow and I have a pretty similar taste in things and she’s into fashion, so I’m always happy when she’s across from me at the coffee shop so I can show someone who cares, but sometimes she’s not there (sad face). This is so I can tell her and you! Thanks for being there for me.

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Hello there, fine people!

This blog will soon have posts about shoes, clothes, food, photos, art, and general stuff that me and Points McGee feel the need to share, either to each other or to the readers.

Come back soon!

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