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Love love

i kinda love this:

Like love love. Want. And I don’t even *do* strapless dresses. I think it’s the green that’s making me fall for it so hard. Also, I kinda have a thing for see through material on top of an opaque. But Scarlett’s looking a little like my old Jem doll, amiright?

And yes, I had this exact doll (unfortunately, the picture no longer works…so you’ll just have to remember, or just not know what I’m talking about). My little neighbor girl got it for me for a birthday. I remember those crazy pink tights and that awesome dress. Awesome in quotes, btw…

And if you haven’t seen the God-awful thing Lindsay Lohan was wearing than click here. Or, you know, spare your eyes…It’s just as bad as this. Or this. Ok, apologies to LiLo, it’s definitely not as bad as that last one…


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Link love!*

Lately I haven’t felt like blogging. Because I haven’t come across anything I’ve gotten excited about. So I decided to tell you of a couple blogs that I love to look at.

I’m a big fan of Tumblr blogs. At first I was confused of what they were. I was, like, man, people are just putting up pictures they got from somewhere else? Cheaters! But then I came around to the idea and really enjoy looking at what other people are finding (I know some put up their own photographs, etc). Some of the photographs just really make me happy inside.

A lovely girl named Renai has a blog and Tumblr called areyoumyghost and I just can’t mention her enough (I’ve mentioned her on my food blog before). I think her taste in art and fashion is pretty darn close to mine, usually better actually.

Renai gets some of my favorite stuff from skyinmypocket Tumblr.

As a girl with short hair I also love this Tumblr.

As a person that loves redheads, I love checking out FuckYeahRedHair Tumblr.

And the last link will come from a blog, not a Tumblr. I don’t remember anymore how I came across her blog, but she takes lovely photographs and she posts pictures of what she wears most days. And she lives in Norway. Go check out MaritaBliss.

*This post idea came from Renai

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