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Musical Loves

There’s a few songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I don’t own any of these, so I’ve been just going on YouTube and hearing them that way. Or I hear them in the car because most of them are played a shit ton.

The first I have to link to because embedding has been disabled. BOO!

La Roux’s Bulletproof song is dang catchy (after hearing it about 4 times) and I think it’s great that it’s being played on mostly hip hop stations, like my local 107.5. I don’t like her video, I think it kinda screams Bad Romance influence, but good song.

The next song is Kid Cudi and Sharam’s She Came Along. From what I’ve read, Sharam is some DJ that just came out with a cd that features various artists. Kid Cudi is someone I was already familiar with because of his Day & Nite song that I love. I was introduced to this song by my lovely housemate Helena. It’s western hip hop. Meaning awesome.  I just came across the official video for it a few minutes ago and found it so horrible that I’m going to link to it, but if I were you I would stick with the aforelinked (yeah, just made that up). A little kid playing Kid Cudi’s character?? For real, the lyrics are talking about a dude being ok with his woman going with another woman as long he gets a piece (“You left with a chick with a set of double D’s/Why should we separate like Siamese/Didn’t anybody tell you sex better in threes/I can be the reason that you both knock knees”). Hey, Kid, what if the women don’t want a penis thrown into the mix?

Also, for some reason the sound seems to be better in the first video I linked to…Also, I am having problems embedding the video here…sigh…

Next up, Is Mumford & Sons’ Little Lion Man. Which, again, I can’t embed! Dangit! Sorry, you’ll have to go to my links instead…I kept hearing this song on my local “alternative” station and thought it might be Frightened Rabbit, a favorite band of mine from Scotland. I thought this mostly because of the audible accent and also because of 2:51 mins into the song, the vocals sound very very similar to something I’ve heard from Frightened Rabbit before. But I googled some of the lyrics and found out it’s this British band. I’ve checked out some of their other songs, but this one is the only one that’s grabbed me. I do enjoy the f word, especially when used so well. Which reminds me, check out Frightened Rabbit’s Keep Yourself Warm. And all their other stuff, for that matter. My current favorite is Old Old Fashioned. But I digress…

So the last song is one of those guilty pleasure Top 40 songs…I didn’t understand the Ke$ha craze (she spells her name with a $, for Pete’s sakes!) until I became addicted to her Your Love is My Drug song. Yes, this video is bad. Only compared to Heidi Montag’s Spencer Pratt taped/directed Higher, is it any way good. And I really dislike the last 10 seconds of the song when she’s giggling and then says “I like your beard.” It is refreshing to see a beardy tattooed guy in a mainstream music video. Not a lot of those in music videos these days. Lately this song is played a million times a day, and I don’t mind at all. I think my attraction to this song was that I had a new crush/cuddle buddy and the lyrics “Do you want to have a slumber party in my basement? Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?” was something that I could relate with.

Have any suggestions for me?

Oh, and here’s my current favorite item of mine:

The piece I speak of is the crucifix/anchor/boat steering wheel pendent. I found it at Lady Bird’s General Store. Love it!


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