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There’s been a lot of talk about the trend of Nude shoes and apparel and how it’s racist. Perhaps it’s because I’m a white person, but I think it’s a little overboard to say that calling something pale peach/light brownish “nude” is racist. It’s hard to say what I would think if I was on the other end of the color spectrum. Am I being insensitive? What say you?

If that color isn’t called nude, what should it be called? Perhaps just Pale? In one of those links above, they use the term Champagne, which actually is a really good description. It’s used for car colors, why not for this instance as well?

But what I would love to do, is just get rid of the damn color altogether. It’s ugly and I’m not a fan. Celebrities have been wearing them all over the place. The positive side of them, supposedly, is that they lengthen your legs. To that, I say Psh!

Don’t you think a different color shoe would make this better?


I’m sick of you, shiny champagne colored shoe!

Ok, my little rant is over. I leave you with this:


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