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Have y’all seen this show yet?? Love! Love! Love! I didn’t even particularly care much for Austin Scarlett or Santino Rice before this show came about. Santino was the obnoxious egotistical one from Season 2 of Project Runway, the only season that was at my gym, therefore my sister and I watched the whole thing. Well, we did start liking him more after he started doing impersonations of Tim Gunn that are HILARIOUS! If, you know, you’re into that kind of them. And, we are! (Oh, and FYI, if you’re interested in getting a Tim Gunn inspired tattoo, check it!)

I didn’t see the first season of ProRun, so only knew Austin Scarlett from his guest appearances on the show. I thought he was a bit much, but I love him on On the Road! He’s adorable and, though I disagree with the action itself, I was mightily impressed when he bit the head off a sardine whilst on a boat ride with one of the women they were designing a dress for. I didn’t think he’d have it in him, I thought he’d be doing what Santino was doing…get nauseous and trying not to throw up. Also, it’s helped that he cut his hair

Awww...they really are sweet together.

I tried to find some pictures of Austin’s different outfits, but, alas, could not! He’s the kind of guy that dresses according to each occasion…i.e. a sailor inspired look for when he went out on a boat. It was cheesy but quite adorable! He definitely has his own look and though I would disagree with some of his choices, you can’t say that he’s boring to watch!

Santino seems to have grown out of his egotistical phase and I like him a lot in this.

Oh, the premise! I guess I should mention that, eh? They travel to various rural locations here in the States and design a dress for a woman for some special event, such as a wedding, anniversary or a bachelorette party. They have to find fabric at the small local fabric store and sew in whatever sew room they’re given.

The show is delightful and I hope you check it out. Let me know what you think, did you love it as much as I?


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Fashion Week!

I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the Fashion Week posts on Jezebel. I’m not sure if every single outfit from the designer’s collection is shown, but most are, at least.

I’ve been amazed at the both ends of the extreme- of the beautiful and the very very heinous. Like, shocked of what a designer would deem as worthy to produce and put on the runway. Most designers went to the 1970s decade for inspiration. This…I’m not a fan of. I don’t like wide leg/flare pants. I do, however, like mustard yellow.

I have decided that if ever I win a free dress from a designer of my choice, I would most likely pick…well, I liked some of the Marchesa collection quite a bit. (Oh, I also like a lot of what Monique Lhullier does!) I love the top part of this a lot:

If this was to-the-floor and ruffle-less I perhaps might fall in love

But then I was really confused with this onesie kind of thing that was a theme in Marchesa’s pieces:

It's all kinds of bad...

And I thought I remember liking a couple dresses from Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line, but I just went through them and my overall opinion is that Gwen is trying to give women room to wear a huge diaper if they want. I am a huge hater of harem pants. I think it’s amusing that all the fashion people talk about how one must suffer for fashion and so shouldn’t complain about heels hurting your feet, waka waka, but then the first pro-harem pants comment I hear is how COMFORTABLE they are. Dude, I’d rather be uncomfortable than wear those monstrosities.

I did love the look of Ralph Lauren’s runway, but his Western theme was uninspiring and, you know, not vegan friendly (I’m vegan, fyi). Oh, and ugly! The man himself:

my. word.

I thought I would like a lot more of Vera Wang’s collection. All her models had teased out late-60’s hair that I found fun. She had some horrible harem-y things. I expected to see a lot of beautiful dresses, but really only liked this one:

I would never wear this, but I, surprisingly enough, find it lovely.

Zac Posen’s use of yellow plaid made me happy:

Cute! Hate the shoes!

My least favorite collection would have to be Alexander Wang’s. The hair, the makeup, the clothes…ugh…


This is the kind of shit that makes me realize that I don’t understand fashion. I mean, for goodness sake’s! look at this shit! And then I read about how amazing it was and was wondering if this person spoke for many others. Excerpt:

A paneled vest with a foiled lapel was expertly constructed and worn over sheer pajama pants and a terry sweater. Wang had lots of new ideas — an easy-fitting, doodle-print washed silk shirt dress in a fresh, ankle-grazing length; loose Carpenter pants cropped just below the knee and worn with knit leggings peeking out of the bottom. (Could this finally be the end of skinny pants?)

Really?? Really? You think skinny pants aren’t better than what you just described?? That’s right, my dears, he prefers this:

And let's not even try talking about the horrible high heel Timberland-style shoes...there was even open toe ones!!

Though I have read otherwise, I feel like I did see a lot of nonwhite models, like at least half. Perhaps it’s because I’m white that I think that? Also, I was happy to see only a few emaciated models. I’m always curious as to why a designer would choose someone so so so thin. Normally, designers themselves aren’t very thin so I would think they would be able to see just how horribly the model needs to eat guacamole and some cake. (Have y’all been watching Cycle 15 of ANTM? I didn’t notice how terribly thin Annamaria was the first episode, but mygosh! The girl was too skinny! And wearing harem pants!)

Anyways, did you see anything you loved?

P.s. I did just notice that all of the models I posted pictures of are white…

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