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Well, I don’t like her music, necessarily (though the Romeo & Juliet song is catchy). But I have come to the realization that I love most everything she wears.

Yes, I'll take this beautiful mustard coat and cute tights!

The realization came about when I was came across this picture:

and noticed how cute her shoes were -I don’t care for the dress so much- and so I was Google image searching to try to find a close up of them (which I couldn’t find) and then saw pictures of her other fashion choices. She has worn a lot of beautiful dresses on the red carpet:

The girl loves sparkle and I can’t say that I blame her! She also goes for a lot of strapless and as a co-small-boobed person she gives me hope.

I think perhaps she and Michelle Williams are the celebrities that I might most want to steal from. (Though I couldn’t find many other pictures of Taylor in clothes that I love…hm…)


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