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At first (like most songs) i didn’t care for it, but the more i heard it, the more i enjoyed it. I thought the singer was the dude from Owl City, but it turns out it’s not (if wiki is to be believed). Also, he’s only supposed to be 3 years younger than me?? He sounds and looks to be no older than 24.


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Sarasota Dreamin’

I’m on vacation for a week in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. The “dreamin'” part above is reference to me dreaming that there would be awesome places to eat, drink (adult beverages such as alcohol and coffee) and hang out. Sadly, the few nonStarbucks coffee shops have either closed or just plain out suck. I went to a coffee shop today that I had never been to and I tried to get over the ugly tables and chairs (that reminded me of old -not vintage- furnishings you’d find at an unwealthy senior center), but the ambiance was made even worse by the boxes, appliances, ingredients, etc that you would normally find behind the counter. The only pros for this place: they have soy and almond milk, they have a vegan option or two. Though, honestly, I wouldn’t want to get food there. I probably should’ve taken a picture. What I don’t understand  is that Sarasota is a college town, there’s two colleges near this establishment, both full of artsy individuals that most likely love a good indie coffee shop.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked by my recent experience…on to more fashionable (or, unfashionable) things!

OMG, am i right? These shoes are…strange. I don’t know, don’t you think walking in these would be confusing? Your foot’s in a heel, but yet it’s a platform. And, holy shit, they’re $222!!

And, wow, just…those are some…shoes…

Is this legal?? They are total knockoffs of Toms! Complete with the little tags on the side and back…Oh, snap! I just read that they give 2 pairs of shoes to kids in need, you know, instead of Toms piddly one pair…  :o)

Now for shoes I like! I had gotten a pair of these Blowfish boots in a different material with a credit I had at Delia*s. Unfortunately, they didn’t flatter my skinny ankles, so I have to return them.

I’m starting to think I just hate boots or something since I have a terrible time finding ones that I love and/or that look good on me.

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No, no, no, no!!

All types of wrong.

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