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I love awards season, so many pretty and heinous dresses to look at! I also am excited for all the fodder it gives to my favorite fashion blog. (They have their best and worst already up here)

The saddest part for me was seeing Michelle Williams dress. Do you remember her awesome yellow dress from a few years back?

Ok, to be honest, I don’t like the drapping at the nether parts, but other than that, I love this. I am a sucker for a mustard yellow and for V necks (Kyra did an awesome similar dress this year! I’d wear the shit out of that dress.). In general, Michelle dresses how I want to dress (I’m horrible at accomplishing what I want with my wardrobe). Just do a Google Image search.

Anyways, I was excited to see what she/her stylist chose for the occasion and, man, I was disappointed.

It reminds me of (an uglier version) of a 70s bridesmaid dress my mother has. Like, really, are your thoughts pleasant about this dress, like this cracked out person? I just can’t imaging looking at this dress (out of tons that I’m sure she got to choose from) and being like, yes, beige seems like a good idea. And daisies that look like they are the adhesive stickers (that comparison courtesy of GFY) you put on the bottom of a tub, definitely! Ugh…

Which reminds me, Natalie Portman, good God woman! Since news came out she’s pregnant she’s been wearing every shift out there and they haven’t been very attractive. For the Golden Globes last night she showed up in this:

It…just looks so chintzy and cheap. The rose looks like it’s from under the glass in Beauty & the Beast. I just can’t get behind this dress. Or the crazy stripper-like heels. Nice necklace though, Natalie.

And, well, it looked like Halle forgot to put on her dress.

This hot woman can get away with a lot, but this is too far. Too far.

GFY girls thought the 14 yr old (from True Grit) Hailee Steinfeld looked age appropriate, but I disagree. I think she looked good, real good. But for someone 10 years older than she. I mean, this girl is still 2 years from getting her driver’s license. Kids grow up so fast these days…

Angelina Jolie actually wore color! Holy shit! I still don’t like the dresses (no! no! no!) she wears and don’t understand why people think her body is hot shit.

Emma Stone wore a gown that People.com considers “peachy” and what I consider a disservice to her body. The back detail (that you can see if you go to the link) makes it better, but the front, dude.

Your thoughts?


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