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I started looking at the runway shows via New York Times (is NY Magazine part of the NY Times?) because the ads are always on the side so it doesn’t interrupt my viewing pleasure with something I have to click for it to go away.

Charlotte Ronson is sister to DJ and on-and-off girlfriend of Lindsey Lohan, Samantha Ronson and to musician Mark Ronson, whose music I heard is good but I’ve never heard it. I didn’t really care for Charlotte’s collection but I would like this yellow sweater in my closet. Well, actually, on my back.

This Lela Rose dress is close to amazing, but the off shoulder thing kinda ruins it for me.

One thing I don’t understand is how a designer chooses a model that has an obvious eating disorder. People think Calista Flockhart was anorexic, but she is probably twice the size of this Ohne Titel model.

I mean, really. I don’t see how someone would choose a model that is skin and bones. And the camera, I hear, adds pounds, which means she looks even bonier in real life. She even looks hungry…sigh…

Did y’all see anything you loved from this season’s runways?


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um, Ralph, you ok?

The dude is wearing sneakers! I just would’ve thought I’d never see the day, he’s always so dressed up, especially at fashion shows. Hunh,

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Gah! So many clothes to look at! I love it! I just wish I didn’t have to deal with the ads while looking through the different runway looks. But at least it’s only 1 second between every 7-8 looks.

I’m currently sad because I can see thumbnails of Marchesa, but the close-ups won’t load. Sad. Face.


This is a Jason Wu (who I constantly confuse with Alexander Wang! Who is totally different…b/c I dislike Alexander’s aesthestic). The model’s poor boobs look uncomfortable, but if it was a tad bigger, perfect!

Monique Lhuillier makes pretty, pretty dresses and this fall line had some lovelies. 

I wish this was made of a different pattern, but I love the neckline on it and the waist.

I love everything about this dress! Except the shoes (meh) and the hemline. I heartily approve of the dot tights!! Beautiful…

Well, I gotta run. More fashion week stuff to come!

All pictures are from the New York Magazine.

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So you know how I love GoFugYourself, right? Well, you should. Anyways, one of the GFY girls loves figure skating and has done a couple posts discussing the skaters and their talents and, of course, wardrobe. It’s some of my favorite posts of theirs. The mens’ outfits are probably my favorite. I mean, come on, the Incredible Hulk!!

On to shoes!

Aren’t these cute?! I just wish they weren’t peeptoe. I kinda have a hate for peeptoe because I feel like I’m unable to wear tights with them, which means that I wouldn’t be able to wear them for about 7 months out of the year.

Are these terribly ugly and awkward looking, or is it just me?

And this is really neither here not there, but BC Footwear has super cute deer with red hearts on their website. As in, I would consider them for a future tattoo. So. Damn. Cute. The owls and feathers aren’t bad either.

I hope y’all are having a great day and that this Sunday you enjoy your Super Bowl parties! (you know, if you enjoy that type of thing, which, surprisingly enough, I do!)

Go, Steelers!

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