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The Wedge

As a girl who has never owned a pair of heels for lack of occasions for them (I wore cute white platform wedges that I got from Contempo Casuals -aw, don’t you miss Contempo?? Every time I watch that Clueless scene I practically get teary-eyed- for graduation), I enjoy that wedges are in fashion right now. They are way easier to walk in when you are as unexperienced as I. As I’ve posted previously, I own 2 pairs of the same BC Footwear wedge. (Oh, wait, you probably don’t remember that because I posted about them on my *other* blog! I usually talk about vegan food on that one, but at times I veer into non-eating things.) But, yeah, I don’t ever wear them because when I think of wearing heels, be they wedges or not, I imagine them with dresses and skirts and neither really seem to go with the dresses/skirts I own.

So, anyways, all these cute wedges that are being made right now are making me wish that I had an occasion for them. Or that I would become the kind of girl that just wears heels and wedges. Or maybe if I could get some casual shorts to wear with them? Yeah…

These are from Lulu’s and they just look comfy and cute.

These are nonvegan, but too cute to not post. I mean, really, look how cute this girl looks:

I want a vegan version, stat!


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Michael Cera has been spotted a lot around Portland in the last couple months and so I daydream about running into him. And, saying nothing…just standing there all starstruck and swoony…Yeah, I’m almost 10 years older than him, but, you know, I always went for the younger boys…

A new favorite Tumblr.

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