Gah! So many clothes to look at! I love it! I just wish I didn’t have to deal with the ads while looking through the different runway looks. But at least it’s only 1 second between every 7-8 looks.

I’m currently sad because I can see thumbnails of Marchesa, but the close-ups won’t load. Sad. Face.


This is a Jason Wu (who I constantly confuse with Alexander Wang! Who is totally different…b/c I dislike Alexander’s aesthestic). The model’s poor boobs look uncomfortable, but if it was a tad bigger, perfect!

Monique Lhuillier makes pretty, pretty dresses and this fall line had some lovelies. 

I wish this was made of a different pattern, but I love the neckline on it and the waist.

I love everything about this dress! Except the shoes (meh) and the hemline. I heartily approve of the dot tights!! Beautiful…

Well, I gotta run. More fashion week stuff to come!

All pictures are from the New York Magazine.


So you know how I love GoFugYourself, right? Well, you should. Anyways, one of the GFY girls loves figure skating and has done a couple posts discussing the skaters and their talents and, of course, wardrobe. It’s some of my favorite posts of theirs. The mens’ outfits are probably my favorite. I mean, come on, the Incredible Hulk!!

On to shoes!

Aren’t these cute?! I just wish they weren’t peeptoe. I kinda have a hate for peeptoe because I feel like I’m unable to wear tights with them, which means that I wouldn’t be able to wear them for about 7 months out of the year.

Are these terribly ugly and awkward looking, or is it just me?

And this is really neither here not there, but BC Footwear has super cute deer with red hearts on their website. As in, I would consider them for a future tattoo. So. Damn. Cute. The owls and feathers aren’t bad either.

I hope y’all are having a great day and that this Sunday you enjoy your Super Bowl parties! (you know, if you enjoy that type of thing, which, surprisingly enough, I do!)

Go, Steelers!

I love awards season, so many pretty and heinous dresses to look at! I also am excited for all the fodder it gives to my favorite fashion blog. (They have their best and worst already up here)

The saddest part for me was seeing Michelle Williams dress. Do you remember her awesome yellow dress from a few years back?

Ok, to be honest, I don’t like the drapping at the nether parts, but other than that, I love this. I am a sucker for a mustard yellow and for V necks (Kyra did an awesome similar dress this year! I’d wear the shit out of that dress.). In general, Michelle dresses how I want to dress (I’m horrible at accomplishing what I want with my wardrobe). Just do a Google Image search.

Anyways, I was excited to see what she/her stylist chose for the occasion and, man, I was disappointed.

It reminds me of (an uglier version) of a 70s bridesmaid dress my mother has. Like, really, are your thoughts pleasant about this dress, like this cracked out person? I just can’t imaging looking at this dress (out of tons that I’m sure she got to choose from) and being like, yes, beige seems like a good idea. And daisies that look like they are the adhesive stickers (that comparison courtesy of GFY) you put on the bottom of a tub, definitely! Ugh…

Which reminds me, Natalie Portman, good God woman! Since news came out she’s pregnant she’s been wearing every shift out there and they haven’t been very attractive. For the Golden Globes last night she showed up in this:

It…just looks so chintzy and cheap. The rose looks like it’s from under the glass in Beauty & the Beast. I just can’t get behind this dress. Or the crazy stripper-like heels. Nice necklace though, Natalie.

And, well, it looked like Halle forgot to put on her dress.

This hot woman can get away with a lot, but this is too far. Too far.

GFY girls thought the 14 yr old (from True Grit) Hailee Steinfeld looked age appropriate, but I disagree. I think she looked good, real good. But for someone 10 years older than she. I mean, this girl is still 2 years from getting her driver’s license. Kids grow up so fast these days…

Angelina Jolie actually wore color! Holy shit! I still don’t like the dresses (no! no! no!) she wears and don’t understand why people think her body is hot shit.

Emma Stone wore a gown that People.com considers “peachy” and what I consider a disservice to her body. The back detail (that you can see if you go to the link) makes it better, but the front, dude.

Your thoughts?

At first (like most songs) i didn’t care for it, but the more i heard it, the more i enjoyed it. I thought the singer was the dude from Owl City, but it turns out it’s not (if wiki is to be believed). Also, he’s only supposed to be 3 years younger than me?? He sounds and looks to be no older than 24.

Sarasota Dreamin’

I’m on vacation for a week in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. The “dreamin'” part above is reference to me dreaming that there would be awesome places to eat, drink (adult beverages such as alcohol and coffee) and hang out. Sadly, the few nonStarbucks coffee shops have either closed or just plain out suck. I went to a coffee shop today that I had never been to and I tried to get over the ugly tables and chairs (that reminded me of old -not vintage- furnishings you’d find at an unwealthy senior center), but the ambiance was made even worse by the boxes, appliances, ingredients, etc that you would normally find behind the counter. The only pros for this place: they have soy and almond milk, they have a vegan option or two. Though, honestly, I wouldn’t want to get food there. I probably should’ve taken a picture. What I don’t understand  is that Sarasota is a college town, there’s two colleges near this establishment, both full of artsy individuals that most likely love a good indie coffee shop.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked by my recent experience…on to more fashionable (or, unfashionable) things!

OMG, am i right? These shoes are…strange. I don’t know, don’t you think walking in these would be confusing? Your foot’s in a heel, but yet it’s a platform. And, holy shit, they’re $222!!

And, wow, just…those are some…shoes…

Is this legal?? They are total knockoffs of Toms! Complete with the little tags on the side and back…Oh, snap! I just read that they give 2 pairs of shoes to kids in need, you know, instead of Toms piddly one pair…  :o)

Now for shoes I like! I had gotten a pair of these Blowfish boots in a different material with a credit I had at Delia*s. Unfortunately, they didn’t flatter my skinny ankles, so I have to return them.

I’m starting to think I just hate boots or something since I have a terrible time finding ones that I love and/or that look good on me.

No, no, no, no!!

All types of wrong.

Okay, then.

Hey, y’all! Long time since I posted. But that’s neither here nor there…on to the post!

So remember when I pointed out a Marchesa jumpsuit that, while I found all kinds of interesting, I also found all types of ugly? Well, who might show up wearing it but Blair herself!

If the pants were a skirt I’d be able to let it fly, but the pants…they’re not doing the girl any favors! And the Fug Girls agreed (and have more wit than I).

Now on to some things I like:

Emmy Rossum’s shoes…I’m attracted. I don’t normally go for something like this, but I was looking at them and after a little debate with myself, I admit that they’re quite lovely. I’m not a fan of Emmy’s (she is/was dating Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows…how does he get all these chicks with that ugly hair of his? Jennifer Aniston being another ex), but I’ll take those shoes off her hands. And, like, put them on a shelf to stare at since I can’t imagine a situation where’d I wear them.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!