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Tony Awards…

So they happened. I honestly don’t care for musicals and Broadway shows. Maybe if I saw one in person it would be entertaining, but show tunes ain’t my bag. But since the Tony’s cause celebrities to wear fancy dresses, I’m all for it! So, yay, Tony’s!

I don’t know who Jennifer Damiano is, but I do really like her yellow Reem Acra dress she wore.

My only wish would be for it to be longer. Or shorter. Just not this weird mid-length. It makes it look like she got a dress that she was a bit too tall for. Very pretty though.

Kinda the opposite of what Whoopi wore.

There doesn’t appear to be much to talk about with the dresses from the Tony’s. They were all mediocre. Nothing nuts or totally beautiful…

On another note, that has nothing to do with the Tony’s:

Holy crap, Vera Wang! Eat a sandwich and what the fuck is up with those transparent pant things you’re wearing under shorts??? I mean, Kim’s jumpsuit looks tame (heh. animal reference) in comparison!


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