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Gah! So many clothes to look at! I love it! I just wish I didn’t have to deal with the ads while looking through the different runway looks. But at least it’s only 1 second between every 7-8 looks.

I’m currently sad because I can see thumbnails of Marchesa, but the close-ups won’t load. Sad. Face.


This is a Jason Wu (who I constantly confuse with Alexander Wang! Who is totally different…b/c I dislike Alexander’s aesthestic). The model’s poor boobs look uncomfortable, but if it was a tad bigger, perfect!

Monique Lhuillier makes pretty, pretty dresses and this fall line had some lovelies. 

I wish this was made of a different pattern, but I love the neckline on it and the waist.

I love everything about this dress! Except the shoes (meh) and the hemline. I heartily approve of the dot tights!! Beautiful…

Well, I gotta run. More fashion week stuff to come!

All pictures are from the New York Magazine.


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