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It’s August now

Have I told you how much I dislike shoes such as these:

You know, the boot heels.

I also dislike booties with a peep toe. Why? I don’t know, but I see them and have a visceral reaction.

I’m not even sure what’s going on with Lily Allen’s tights here.

But let’s end with a couple things I like, eh?

This is probably my favorite thing Princess Kate has worn thus far. It just so perfectly flowy. My  least favorite part of it is the shoulders. If you haven’t caught any of the Fug Girls coverage of her and Wills, you should. They’re hilarious and awesome. Wills and Kate do seem very happy together, which is great after his mom had such a shitty marriage. Also: I do not envy the Kate, to live under such speculation and rules…ugh. I’m barely professional enough to be a server at my fancy-ish work.

I shouldn’t like Jayma Mays’ dress. But I do.

Do you look at this Kristen Steward picture from W magazine and immediately think: Is her right hand doing what I think it’s doing?

Yeah, me neither…


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The Wedge

As a girl who has never owned a pair of heels for lack of occasions for them (I wore cute white platform wedges that I got from Contempo Casuals -aw, don’t you miss Contempo?? Every time I watch that Clueless scene I practically get teary-eyed- for graduation), I enjoy that wedges are in fashion right now. They are way easier to walk in when you are as unexperienced as I. As I’ve posted previously, I own 2 pairs of the same BC Footwear wedge. (Oh, wait, you probably don’t remember that because I posted about them on my *other* blog! I usually talk about vegan food on that one, but at times I veer into non-eating things.) But, yeah, I don’t ever wear them because when I think of wearing heels, be they wedges or not, I imagine them with dresses and skirts and neither really seem to go with the dresses/skirts I own.

So, anyways, all these cute wedges that are being made right now are making me wish that I had an occasion for them. Or that I would become the kind of girl that just wears heels and wedges. Or maybe if I could get some casual shorts to wear with them? Yeah…

These are from Lulu’s and they just look comfy and cute.

These are nonvegan, but too cute to not post. I mean, really, look how cute this girl looks:

I want a vegan version, stat!

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Sarasota Dreamin’

I’m on vacation for a week in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. The “dreamin'” part above is reference to me dreaming that there would be awesome places to eat, drink (adult beverages such as alcohol and coffee) and hang out. Sadly, the few nonStarbucks coffee shops have either closed or just plain out suck. I went to a coffee shop today that I had never been to and I tried to get over the ugly tables and chairs (that reminded me of old -not vintage- furnishings you’d find at an unwealthy senior center), but the ambiance was made even worse by the boxes, appliances, ingredients, etc that you would normally find behind the counter. The only pros for this place: they have soy and almond milk, they have a vegan option or two. Though, honestly, I wouldn’t want to get food there. I probably should’ve taken a picture. What I don’t understand  is that Sarasota is a college town, there’s two colleges near this establishment, both full of artsy individuals that most likely love a good indie coffee shop.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked by my recent experience…on to more fashionable (or, unfashionable) things!

OMG, am i right? These shoes are…strange. I don’t know, don’t you think walking in these would be confusing? Your foot’s in a heel, but yet it’s a platform. And, holy shit, they’re $222!!

And, wow, just…those are some…shoes…

Is this legal?? They are total knockoffs of Toms! Complete with the little tags on the side and back…Oh, snap! I just read that they give 2 pairs of shoes to kids in need, you know, instead of Toms piddly one pair…  :o)

Now for shoes I like! I had gotten a pair of these Blowfish boots in a different material with a credit I had at Delia*s. Unfortunately, they didn’t flatter my skinny ankles, so I have to return them.

I’m starting to think I just hate boots or something since I have a terrible time finding ones that I love and/or that look good on me.

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No, no, no, no!!

All types of wrong.

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Okay, then.

Hey, y’all! Long time since I posted. But that’s neither here nor there…on to the post!

So remember when I pointed out a Marchesa jumpsuit that, while I found all kinds of interesting, I also found all types of ugly? Well, who might show up wearing it but Blair herself!

If the pants were a skirt I’d be able to let it fly, but the pants…they’re not doing the girl any favors! And the Fug Girls agreed (and have more wit than I).

Now on to some things I like:

Emmy Rossum’s shoes…I’m attracted. I don’t normally go for something like this, but I was looking at them and after a little debate with myself, I admit that they’re quite lovely. I’m not a fan of Emmy’s (she is/was dating Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows…how does he get all these chicks with that ugly hair of his? Jennifer Aniston being another ex), but I’ll take those shoes off her hands. And, like, put them on a shelf to stare at since I can’t imagine a situation where’d I wear them.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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There’s been a lot of talk about the trend of Nude shoes and apparel and how it’s racist. Perhaps it’s because I’m a white person, but I think it’s a little overboard to say that calling something pale peach/light brownish “nude” is racist. It’s hard to say what I would think if I was on the other end of the color spectrum. Am I being insensitive? What say you?

If that color isn’t called nude, what should it be called? Perhaps just Pale? In one of those links above, they use the term Champagne, which actually is a really good description. It’s used for car colors, why not for this instance as well?

But what I would love to do, is just get rid of the damn color altogether. It’s ugly and I’m not a fan. Celebrities have been wearing them all over the place. The positive side of them, supposedly, is that they lengthen your legs. To that, I say Psh!

Don’t you think a different color shoe would make this better?


I’m sick of you, shiny champagne colored shoe!

Ok, my little rant is over. I leave you with this:

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Sometimes when I’m gazing online at clothes and shoes, I get really befuddled. I mean, who allows certain items to be made? Why aren’t there more cute, inoffensive stuff out there?

Who said they wanted to wear a gyno gown out in public? I believe if you wore this to your annual, they probably would tell you there’s no reason to change. In that respect it reminds me of Zulema’s sweater dress from the second season of Project Runway, which I couldn’t find a picture of for the life of me.

And really when I give this a good look it’s not allllll that skimpy. If it was tight fitting it wouldn’t be so scandalous-looking. In general, it’s just an ill-fitting dress.Can I also tell you how much I dislike these shoes? The dress is quite adorable and I would totally love to have it in my possession. The shoes distract though. I have definitely noticed the crazy shoe trend lately. Extra material is very in. Oh, you want some examples? Sure, why not?

Do you get what I’m saying now? Are you as fascinated by these as I am? I ask because really that’s why I wanted this blog in the first place. I see stuff like this and I feel the need to reach out and tell someone else “hey, these exist!! holy shit, right??” Crow and I have a pretty similar taste in things and she’s into fashion, so I’m always happy when she’s across from me at the coffee shop so I can show someone who cares, but sometimes she’s not there (sad face). This is so I can tell her and you! Thanks for being there for me.

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